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1. Limitations of Liability
2. How to Join the Fun
  • Bon Jour!
  • Giving Voice!
  • Respondez S'il-Vous Plait!
  • Find That Bunny!
  • Au Revoir!
  • Leader of the Pack
3. Summary of Commonly Used Commands
4. Pack Rules
5. What An Incredible Smell You've Discovered!
6. Good Pack Behavior
7. Apple's Rules

Come zoon with us

If you want to play with us, read this first. Some of it may be boring -- in fact, we guarantee it -- but there is much essential info in here. Let's begin.

PBGV-L© is an e-mail list devoted to the PBGV (Petit Basset Griffon Vendéen), a most entertaining breed of dog. We also welcome those who are owned by a GBGV, Briquet or any of the related French Hound breeds. We hope you will all find new friends (and lots of "good voices freely used") here. Whether you have an interest in conformation, agility, obedience, tracking, freestyle, or simply enjoy your kids as pets, we want to make you feel right at home. Especially if your home is a little bit nuts.

This web site is mere window dressing for the e-mail list, which is where we exchange stories, laughs and useful information every day. PBGV-L© is a privately owned list, although the public is free to subscribe to the list. The List Owner reserves the final right to determine who may REMAIN subscribed. We ask that everyone subscribing to the list do so as a private individual interested in the breed; if you are representing a company or other commercial interest, we may ask you to leave. We also request that no one set up gateways to mirror this list anywhere else without consulting the List Owner first.

The list of subscribers to this List is not available except to the List Owner, who respects your privacy and will not make the subscriber list available to anyone outside the confines of the list. Because of a large number of recent spams on private mailing lists such as this one, and reports of "subscribers" that are actually collecting mailing addresses for their own (usually spam or commercial) purposes, PBGV-L has been set to a default "CONCEAL" setting. This means that the "REVIEW" command, which normally returns the e-mail addresses and names of all subscribers, is in effect disabled so that no one except the List Owner can access it. Pretty crafty, eh? Take that, you unscrupulous hackers!

1. Limitations of liability

The PBGV-L© List co-owner is Beth Sudlow, referred to as the "List Owner" throughout this document. By continuing to read messages sent by PBGV-L@APPLE.EASE.LSOFT.COM, you agree to hold the List Owner harmless for opinions expressed on this mailing list. These opinions do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the List Owner.

Subscribers are hereby informed that the presence of any breeder, judge, exhibitor, trainer, or rescue worker/group on this list is NOT to be construed as an endorsement by the List Owner or individual members of this list.

2. How to Join the Fun

Bon Jour
To subscribe to PBGV-L©, send e-mail to LISTSERV@APPLE.EASE.LSOFT.COM. In the body of the message include the single line: SUBSCRIBE PBGV-L YourFirstName YourLastName

The listserver will send you a confirmation message before you are "officially" added to the list. This is done to prevent pranksters from adding you to the list without your knowing. The confirmation message contains very easy to follow instructions, just follow them and you will then be added to the list.

All new subscribers are subscribed with the Conceal and Review options turned on. The Review option is turned off when you become a regular contributor to the list.

Giving Voice!
Once you are a list member, you can send a message to all the people currently subscribed to the list, by address your e-mail message to PBGV-L@APPLE.EASE.LSOFT.COM. This is called "sending mail to the list," because you send mail to a single address, and LISTSERV makes copies for all the people who have subscribed. This address (PBGV-L@APPLE.EASE.LSOFT.COM) is also called the "list address". You must never try to send any command to this address, as it will be distributed to all the people who have subscribed, and you'll feel like a dummy, even though it's an honest mistake.

All commands must be sent to the "LISTSERV address," LISTSERV@APPLE.EASE.LSOFT.COM. It is VERY important to understand the difference between the two. Think of it this way: The LISTSERV address in a sense acts like a FAX number, and the list address acts like a normal phone line. If you make a FAX call to someone's regular phone number by mistake, it will be an unpleasant experience for him, but you will probably be excused the first time. If you do it regularly, however, he will probably get upset and send you a nasty complaint. It is the same with mailing lists, with the difference that you are, in effect, "calling" hundreds of people at the same time, so a lot more people get annoyed if you use the "wrong number."

Sending photos to the PBGV-L Web site
List members who want to put photos of their adorbable PGBVs on this Web site should not send them to the e-mail list. Instead, send them as e-mail attachments to The preferred file type is .jpg. In your e-mail, please include dog names and other pertinent information for the captions.

Respondez S'il Vous Plait
You can also tell LISTSERV how you want it to confirm the receipt of messages you sent to the list. PBGV-L© is set to a default of "NOREPRO", which means that LISTSERV will not send you a copy of your own message. If you desire a complete copy of your message, send the LISTSERV address a command of "SET PBGV-L REPRO" and you will receive a copy of your own message and see that it was distributed and not damaged in any way. You may find this annoying, especially if your mail program does not tell you that the message is from you when it informs you that new mail has arrived from PBGV-L©. You may get all excited, only to discover that the message is from you (how pathetic).

PBGV-L© is set to a default of ACK, which is the sound Bill the Cat made in the Bloom County comics, but in this case it means that LISTSERV will send you a short acknowledgment which will look different in your mailbox directory. With most mail programs you will know right away that this is an acknowledgment you can read later. Finally, you can turn acknowledgments off completely with "SET PBGV-L NOACK NO REPRO", though your List Owner does not recommend this.

Find That Bunny!
Here's how to get archives for PBGV-L©:

To get an archive of mail you have missed or want to reread for any reason, send the following message to the "LISTSERV" address:

GET PBGV-L LOGyymmx, where "yy" is the year (e.g., 97), where "mm" is the month (e.g., 02), where "x" is a value a, b, c, d, or e (for the weeks in a month). For instance, GET PBGV-L LOG9611c would get you the archive for the third week in November, 1996.

Archives are only available to PBGV-L© subscribers.

Digest is available by using the command "SET PBGV-L DIGEST". To go back to mail, use the "SET PBGV-L MAIL" command. To get an updated version of this message, use "GET PBGV-L WELCOME" (not that this web page welcome won't be updated when necessary; it certainly will, or the webmistress will be flogged on the shins with a PBGV tail -- ouch!).

For more information about subscription options, send a "QUERY PBGV-L" command to LISTSERV@APPLE.EASE.LSOFT.COM. Contributions sent to this list are automatically archived. You can get a list of the available archive files by sending an "INDEX PBGV-L" command to LISTSERV@APPLE.EASE.LSOFT.COM. You can then order these files with a "GET PBGV-L LOGxxxx command as described above, or by using LISTSERV's database search facilities. Send an "INFO DATABASE" command for more information on the latter.

Au Revoir!
You may leave the list at any time by sending a "SIGNOFF PBGV-L" command to LISTSERV@APPLE.EASE.LSOFT.COM. You may postpone your mail during vacations, or any time you will not be available to keep current, by sending a "SET PBGV-L NOMAIL" command to the LISTSERV address above. To turn your mail back on, send a "SET PBGV-L MAIL" command to the LISTSERV address.

More information on LISTSERV commands (if you can stand it) can be found in the LISTSERV reference card, which you can retrieve by sending and "INFO REFCARD" command to LISTSERV@APPLE.EASE.LSOFT.COM.

Leader of the Pack
If you have an administrative-type question for the List Owner, please send those to PBGV-L-request@APPLE.EASE.LSOFT.COM.

3. Summary of Commonly Used Commands

These commands are to be sent to LISTSERV@APPLE.EASE.LSOFT.COM, never the mailing list. If possible, leave the subject line empty. (AOL insists on a subject; you can just put a period there.)

If you want to do something that is not noted above, use the HELP command in your mail message. Also: when you send a command message to the Listserv, you can have multiple commands per message, just make sure that you put a separate command on each line of the message, and do NOT include your signature at the end.

If you go on vacation, please use SET PBGV-L NOMAIL and then send a SET PBGV-L MAIL when you return to avoid overflowing your mailbox. Archives are always available if you want to "catch up" when you return.

If your address starts to bounce, the List Owner will either put you on NOMAIL or unsubscribe you, depending on what the bounce messages say. If you stop receiving mail, check your status using the QUERY option.

For techie problems or other issues related to PBGV-L©, please send e-mail to the List Owner (not to the List). Include a detailed description of what went wrong. Ideally, enclose the full text, including the headers, of any error messages that you get.

4. Pack Rules

Your List Owner wants to keep the guidelines for PBGV-L© short and sweet. So, here they are:

5. What An Incredible Smell You've Discovered!

Your List Owner does not want to act as the Internet Police. However, this IS a privately owned list, and the List Owner has the right to eject troublemakers. To avoid this problem in the first place, the List Owner asks your cooperation in complying with the following:

  • Flame wars will NOT be tolerated. Anyone persisting in more than a "lively discussion" (i.e., blatant rudeness, name calling, personal attacks) will be subject to having their list privileges yanked quicker than a rabbit gets down a warren!

  • Discussions of animal rights issues (PETA, et al.) are NOT welcome on this list. However, discussions of animal welfare issues will be tolerated, as long as they do not stray from the track as laid.

    Bogey: "Try to take my Orangeman, I dare you."
    -- From John and Cheryl,
    Lynn, Mass.

  • Commercial advertising on this list is prohibited, as part of the List Owner's contract with Apple. This is NOT to be confused with satisfied customers recommending one product or another, which is fine so long as they disclaim any relationship to the company other than as a customer. (Hence, you will find glowing testimony about the "Orangeman" squeaky toy on this list.)

    Similarly, rescue groups may list dogs available for adoption without violation of this rule.

  • THIS LIST IS NOT INTENDED TO ADVERTISE LITTERS FOR SALE!!!! Any post advertising or recommending breeders outside this list is not appropriate. List members may mention their OWN litters in discussion, but again, "advertisements" are not appropriate. Please bear in mind that new subscribers are added each week, and such advertising may give them the impression that buying a puppy is a spur of the moment decision. Those new to PBGVs are instead encouraged to carefully consider all pros and cons of PBGV ownership, and to choose their breeder as carefully as we hope all breeders screen and choose their puppy buyers.

  • PBGV-L© articles and posts, unless explicitly stated otherwise, are copyrighted by the original poster(s), and may NOT be retransmitted in any form without the explicit permission of the original poster. Please honor their wishes should they not want their posts sent elsewhere.

    Moreover, this list may not be reflected to other sites without explicit permission from BOTH the poster(s) and List Owner(s). PLEASE NOTE: That does not mean your correspondence can be considered private; you should treat anything sent to the list as something that was said publicly. Note also Apple's disclaimer (below) does not give list members permission to repost (despite the "may"); it is simply advising that Apple cannot prevent such an occurrence and, like the List Owner, cannot be held responsible for any consequences.

    6. Good Pack Behavior

    Please include your "call name" and your e-mail address at the end of every post. This is for the convenience of people who may wish to reply to you privately. It would also be nice to know where you live. This is not required, but informative. You may use your state only, if you prefer.

    Once you have been subscribed to PBGV-L©, you will receive a version of this welcome notice automatically. Please feel free to post a public message to the list introducing yourself. We won't beat you over the head to do this (although we may nag!), but we want this list to have a very strong "family" feel to it, and every member's posting an intro message helps promote this.

    TRY to use informative subject lines in your post.

    Because some list members pay for their access either on a per message basis or by volume, please keep your messages short and concise, and keep quoting of old material to the minimum necessary. For the same reason, there is a six-line limit on signature lines. You WILL get an automated reminder of this if you overstep this criteria. In particular, watch out if your mailer automatically appends the entire text of the message you respond to at the end.

    Also, watch out for mailers that add attachments and other encoded material. Please do not send these to the list; it will cause some of your PBGV-LŠ colleagues to grind their teeth in irritation. Most mailers have a menu option to turn attachments off.

    Please try to keep current with the list or use your SET NOMAIL command if you will be away for an extended period of time. If your mail bounces, the List Owner will have no option but to "unsubsribe you" and you will then have to reapply.

    Please refrain from sending "me, too" and similar type posts to the list. If you wish to compliment or comment on another's post in this vein, please do so privately.

    In summary, be kind to one another and ENJOY!

    Once again, welcome to PBGV-L©! We hope you enjoy the time you spend with us in our little neck of the woods.

    -- Beth Sudlow, List Owner, List Administrator
    -- Joan Mann, List Administrator

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