Breed rescue information
for the Petit Basset Griffon Vendéen

From PBGV-L, the e-mail list for PBGV lovers

    The PBGV is not a common breed, and few turn up at shelters, but when they do they are sometimes mistaken for a terrier mix. We offer this information sheet to help you identify this small hound, and hope you will contact the national breed rescue representative if one is brought to your shelter.

  • Size: Adults are 13-15 inches tall at the shoulder, and weigh 25-42 pounds.
  • Color: White, with markings of any of the following: orange, black, grizzle (gray-and-white hairs), lemon, or sable, sometimes with tan accents.
  • Coat: Has a tousled appearance, and is usually harsh, similar to a terrier, although some have a softer coat. The head and leg coat is usually softer than the body.
  • Ears: Set low and hanging, measuring to the tip of the nose, with hair that can extend even longer.
  • Head: Shaggy, featuring long eyebrows, mustache and beard. Many have very long eyelashes. Skull is domed, appearing oval in shape when viewed from the front.
  • Body: The PBGV is longer than it is tall, but the body length is not as extreme as a basset hound or dachshund. The toes may point outward slightly.
  • Tail: Curved like a saber, it's usually held upright. The tail is thick at the base, tapering to the tip, and normally reaches to the hock when at rest.
  • Temperament: PBGVs are known for their happy, outgoing personalities. They can be very vocal, with a voice that sounds like a typical hound.

        If you believe that a PBGV has been brought to your shelter, please contact

    in your area, or the Coordinators for the PBGVCA Rescue Committee: Rescue Chairperson Pam Helmer at, Assistant Chair Melissa Cooper at, or Assistant Chair Julie Shannon at Thank you!