The breed standard, owners' version

Ears: Long (just the right length to dip into food and water and with sufficient hair covering to become thoroughly sticky when immersed in "unmentionable" items).

Nose: Very sensitive. Able to smell the rabbits which you were quite convinced were not there.

Eyes: Bright, sparkling -- always full of mischief.

Hearing: Very good at close quarters of when food is offered. Very poor at a distance and when called to go home at the end of the day.

Tail: Medium length, carried upright -- ideal for flicking small ornaments and cups of coffee off low tables.

Height: Exactly right for reaching items out of cupboards and fridges when standing comfortably.

Feet: Spade shaped and workmanlike -- very good for digging holes in lawns and flowerbeds.

Body: Supple and agile and able to twist easily when almost caught by owner.

Bones: Hard -- thus requiring the most comfortable chair in the room.

General Appearance: An air of innocence and an ability to make owners think it couldn't really be a PBGV who wreaked such havoc.

-- J. Walton-Haddon

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