Life with PBGVs is usually entertaining, sometimes exasperating, but never less than interesting. Postings by PBGV-L members attest to that, as you will see if you join the e-mail list. But first, read the PBGV-L glossary, so you'll know what the heck we're talking about.

The glossary

Abominable Snow Peeb -- Often spotted in northern climates favored by wet, clumpy snow. See this example.

Ah-ing -- To rub one's furry body on the floor until just the right spot is scratched.

Alf Hug (TM) -- The tight, full-body hug given by one particular PBGV, so unique that it's trademarked, in spirit if not in fact.

Ahrrooo -- The PBGV version of "Aloha," this is your dog's way of saying "hello,"      "I love you," "welcome home," plus a general      expression of joy. 

Bapping -- Wagging your tail against something to get attention.

Beard soup -- What's left in the water dish after a PBGV dunks his or her dirty beard.

Deflating -- Heaving a big sigh.

Destinkerized -- What you get when you're scrubbed in the tub.

Destufferize -- To remove and scatter the fluffy white bits from the inside of a toy.

Dibadeeba -- The green apple quickstep.

Elvis grin -- The expression created when a PBGV's upper lip gets stuck, revealing a row of little teeth.

Foo Foo (v.) -- To prepare a Petit for the show ring by dusting with Foo Foo powder.

Flounce: (v.) -- To trot happily along so that the coat rises and falls .

Giving the dewclaw -- The next best thing to a middle finger.

Guilty toenails -- A sound familiar to those with hardwood floors, it's the unmistakable quickstep of a thieving PBGV making off with contraband.

Hound hump -- No, not that. We mean the PBGV chest. Some are in ectasy when you rub their hump.

Imperial bark -- One loud, demanding bark that means "serve me." It's up to you to figure out exactly what is required.

Jump-kiss -- A typical greeting from your loving PB, but (thwack!) watch out for that concrete head!

Love ears -- Flattened, close-to-the-head ears by a PBGV when you're talking soft, loving nonsense. It lets you know you're saying the things they want to hear.

Noofling -- To sniff around, trying to find something. ("Holly was noofling around in the laundry basket.")

Oogly (adj.) -- The tactile quality of a wet, well-gnawed piece of rawhide. Neither solid nor liquid, it's disgusting to the touch.

Orangeman -- Nickname for a particular orange-colored squeaky toy that is the favorite of many Petits. Prized for its long-lasting squeak, it was manufactured by Aspen Pet Products until, alas, it was discontinued. Distant relative of Dinoman and Sharkman.

Peebple -- People who need Peebs.

Peeling off -- A half swan dive with a twist, reminiscent of the swimmers in an Esther Williams movie, or a jet fighter leaving a formation, performed by a reluctant PBGV who is ordered to get his paws off the table.

Phfoofing -- The extreme grooming of any breed of dog so as to make it unrecognizable as a member of the canine species.

Pronk (v.) -- To spring up suddenly on all fours, usually in a sideways motion, to leap onto a sofa, bed or other forbidden territory.

Roo (v.) -- To make the loud "arrroooo" sound when warning of intruders or announcing a wonderful hunting scent.

Rug-rubbing -- Wiping one's beard on the rug after a meal. Extra style points for butt in the air.

Snorfle (v.) -- To make the sound of a reverse sneeze.

Tail bapping -- Thumping one's tail vigorously to get attention.

Traumatic Tracheo-Squeakitis -- A dreaded respiratory affliction suffered by Orangeman. Primary symptom is an inability to squeak. The condition is irreversible, yet is unlikely to be fatal. There is no known treatment except squeaker transplant surgery.

Velcro (v. ), velcro dog -- To stick tight to the side of a favorite person as he or she goes from room to room.

Whap (v.) -- To wag one's tale forcefully against a surface.

Whomping -- Water chomping, when a Petit jumps into the wading pool and bites at the water.

Zoon (v.), zoony dog -- To scoot around at top speed with butt tucked, ears and legs flying. Occurs after a bath and on many other occasions, just for the sheer fun of being a Peeb. Also known as the Dance of Joy.

Zoonami (n.) -- Rhymes with tsunami. A tidal wave of zooning PBGVs.

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